The Game of Creativity

The Game of Creativity

A tool to help you explore your own imagination

and build creative confidence.

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How To Play

Flip over a problem card (vol 2) at random. Flip over 1+ ingredient cards (vol 1) at random. Think, write or draw your vision of how a combination of the cards create a solution.

Tap into your own imagination

The Game of Creativity exists to help people like you become more inspired by your own creative thoughts. 

The Game of Creativity - Volume 2 (pre-order)
The Game of Creativity - Volume 2 (pre-order) The Game of Creativity - Volume 2 (pre-order) The Game of Creativity - Volume 2 (pre-order)

Every creative idea starts with a problem. Volume 2 features an assortment of 56 real-world problems that need a solution.

Simply flip over a problem card and 1+ ingredient cards from volume 1 and think, write or draw whatever you think of for how the ingredients could create a solution to that problem.

Get both volume 1 and volume 2 in the same order and get $5 off!

Free shipping to the U.S. 

What people are saying

This is the perfect item for me. I get to just flip cards and let my mind go wild. A must-have for artists especially (Because we all hit an idea drought at some point!)

– J. Gorman

One of the reasons I picked up The Game of Creativity was during Inktober 2017. I was coming up pretty dry for ideas having to make a new illustration every day of October.

– @pyrelightstudio

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