How to Play

Playing The Game of Creativity is simple, but there's many ways you can use the cards to start thinking more creatively. Here's some ideas for you.

The Game of Creativity Workshop

Is this video, Matt walks you through many different ways that you can us The Game of Creativity while actually writing and sketching ideas made from the cards.

The Game of Creativity at Work

Looking for a way to help your team be more creative? The Game of creativity is a fun team building tool that can help you do just that. Let your team know that you value creative ideas and reap the rewards of a happier, more creative work place.

The Game of Creativity in Schools

As kids we’re often told that we’re so creative for thinking of ridiculous ideas. Houses that have hats, space suits made out of carrots or tree houses made of spaghetti. At a certain point though we’re told that our ideas aren’t realistic and we begin having ideas more inline with what’s expected of us from others. The Game of Creativity is a tool to battle this traditional idea.

We've also hear of people using the cards in different ways for kids and adults alike. If you have a fun way to use them not listed, please send us a message, we love to hear about them.



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